Do you have questions concerning chiropractic health care? Dr. Alex has the answers.

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Hear what Brian Deegan, Professional Freestyle Motocross Rider, Daredevil Motocross, Print and Television Personality

Has to Say about Doctor Alex

"My profession is demanding on my body. Dr. Alex keeps me in top form."- (Ronnie, Professional Freestyle Motocross Rider, Corona)

"I've had headaches everyday since high school. Since I've been seeing Dr. Alex I haven't had any!"- (Nicole, Riverside)

"The pain is completely gone. No more problems in my low back at all!"- (Rex, Corona)

"My low back feels much better after an adjustment. I can live without Tylenol." (Quint, Corona)

"Got rid of my headaches and I am feeling much better." ( Frieda, Corona)

"After the first couple of visits the headaches were fewer and fewer. After a month I wasn't having any more headaches." (Michele, Corona)

"I feel better. I can do things now that I used to do before the accident at work." (Reduardo, Corona)

"Thanks for the support!" (Brian, Professional Freestyle Motocross Rider, Temecula)

"Thanks for all the help!" ( Seth, Daredevil Motorcyle Personality, Corona)

"My two fingers were numb and without strength. After two weeks I regained use of both fingers and could play the guitar again! Dr Birren saved my livelihood and my health!" (Richard, Professional Musician)

"After receiving adjustments from Dr. Alex I no Longer have Numbness and pain in my left Leg. I wish I had met Dr. Alex much sooner than I did." (Susan, Corona)

"My son Luis, age 11, complained of terrible headaches since he was 5 years old. He would not eat all day, would throw up, and had to avoid light and loud noises. He fainted twice. In 1998, Luis was sent for a CT scan with no findings. In 1999, he was sent for an encephalogram & MRI again with no findings. He used to take medication twice a day. That did not work. A doctor once told us "Luis you have to deal with it for the rest of your life." My last hope was Dr. Alex. Finally something worked! The first day he got adjusted his headache went away and he did not have another for over three weeks. Luis on the rare occasion will still get a headache, but a quick visit with Dr. Alex for an adjustment and it goes away. I'm so thankful to Dr. Alex, he's been the first and only person to help my son." (Darlene, Riverside)

"Since I started seeing Dr. Alex, I feel great now and relieved. I can go outside and play more than before. If you have a headache and don't see Dr. Alex you must be crazy." (Luis, Riverside)

"Since Dr. Alex started adjusting me my headaches of 10 years disappeared. I waited every morning for them to return but they were gone." (Alicia, Corona)

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