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Dr. Richard Schulze's official website. Dr. Shulze in his brash, no-holds, barred style lays his opinions out. Look under the free newsletter section for his articles.

This is one of my favorite websites. Dr. Tim O'shea is a chiropractor and a fantastic writer. He has authored several books on health and regularly updates this site.

Dr. O'shea's writing style is easy to read and really appeals to your common sense. Dr. O'shea is probably also a little anal, but this is a good thing when writing. All the statements he makes are referenced and have footnotes listing the sources.

When I want to study an issue, Dr. O'shea's chapters are a great place to start. They are a "Reader's Digest" condensed, common sense reference that also point the way to other sources if more in-depth investigation is saught.

I agree with about 90% of what Dr. O'shea has to say. I also have audio CDs for his "Enzy Me" and "The Journey to the Center of You", both of which are available at the front desk for you to borrow.

The worlds most popular natural health newsletter!!! Lots of good information.

This site is the definitive site for information on why milk is NOT good for you.

This site is created and maintained by the author of the book "Milk: The Deadly Poison".

I have a copy of his book on audio CD available at the front desk for you to borrow.

A word of caution: this website has steadily grown vegetarian oriented and associated itself with PETA. These people love animals and don't want anyone to eat them. I disagree... Meat is a good source of balanced protein. It takes a lot of effort, knowledge, and time to replace meat in your diet with vegetable sources (my opinion).

$19 prescription eyeglasses. Can you believe it! Sounds too good to be true. Well actually it is $23 and change by the time you pay shipping. For this price you can get a back up pair.

Most experts agree, the first, easiest, and absolutely necessary step to take when starting on any health related program, is to drink more water... Doctor Batmanghelidj authored the book the Your Bodies Many Cries For Water and has conducted 18 years of research into the subject. It will surpise you how many conditions, problems, even so-called diseases are actually symptoms of dehydration.

The Truth About Aspartame...
Aspartame is NOT a natural substance!
Aspartame is NOT a Diet Enhancement product!
Aspartame is NOT safe - for ANYONE!

"I can tell a patient is drinking diet sodas just by putting my hands on them and feeling the muscles in their neck"............... I know I am going to have a hard time with a patient when I discover they are drinking DIET SODAS on a regular basis. Aspartame, among other scarier things, creates tight muscles that pull your spine out of alignment. It seems to pick on necks, usually the right side, and it loves to cause headaches. I will no longer accept "Headache" patients in my office who refuse to stop drinking diet soda and/or using aspartame sweetners. My reputation is important to me. I don't want some patient telling others that they tried Dr. Alex and and it didn't help. Most of the time an adjustment will make them feel better for awhile.... but the problem won't go away ....and I'll end up with an unhappy patient. ...Phooey ! I don't need that. There is the door. When you really want to get better I can help you

When patients take my advice the changes come. It blows me away all the changes that occur in patients when they get off this stuff. I have seen it in my office many times.

I hope this website scares you. I hope it pushes some buttons. This aspartatame bashing is not conspiracy theory dogma or rhetoric. It is real. Get off the stuff and you will know the real truth. Your body will teach you from the inside out.

I have travelled near and far to pursue my passion for skiing and snowboarding. With good snow conditions, there is no place I'd rather ride than right here in our back yard at Mt. Baldy.

The terrain, the rustic atmosphere, and the lack of crowds makes it hard to find anywhere better. The only downside is the chronic lack of snowfall.

If it snows more than a foot and the mountain is open, my office will probably be closed in the morning. I'll be back by 3:00 to take care of everybody, tired with a big smile, and thankful that I can take a part in the gifts Mother Nature sends our way.

Mom's Brined Turkey

My Mom, bless her heart, prepared a brined turkey the last few holiday seasons before she passed away. It was the best, most moist turkey we ever had. She would have liked me to share this with you.

How To Beat Hand & Wrist Pain At It's Own Game

The best Home Remedy i have found for Carpal Tunnel.

Dr. Alex's Favorite Simple-Home Remedy to Prevent and Relieve BACK PAIN

H2O Is Critical for Your Healthy Back

Baseball Tips Flyer

I created for flyer for my son's baseball team. This information that is very useful for the parents of young athlete participating in any sport.

Lifting Safety Poster

Here is a poster that will remind you how to lift properly and protect your back. Put one up on the bulletin board at work. Hang one in the garage.

Weight Loss: HFCS is sabotaging America's weight loss efforts?

This little known "secret" can cuase you to put some serious pounds. here is a flyer and watch my video on youtube.







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